Our Story

Chris and Matt started in the Financial Planning industry over 19 years ago. With Matt’s passion for knowledge and Chris’ unstoppable drive, success in the traditional financial planning model, was all but guaranteed for these two young men. After a decade of doing what all their mentors had taught them, they had what everyone around them would consider “success”. But neither was truly fulfilled.

They came to the realization that “success” can, and should, be measured by the investors’ confidence and peace of mind in their plan. That the financial advisor’s success should not come at the expense of the people they set out to help. They realized that the entire investment community was plagued with myths and lies promoted by insurance companies and mutual funds to sell products and profit from the fear and greed of the average investors and advisors.

So they set out on a journey of their own. They decided to transform their entire philosophy, mindset and practice to be in alignment with their true values and sense of purpose.